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How Rice Bran Oil is Made

Rice Bran Oil is very valuable & substantial

Process to refine Rice Bran Oil

Very Precious Oil that can be taken out 1% out of brown rice.

●Very precious oil that can only be taken out 1% out of brown rice.

Rice bran is only 8 % out of brown rice . Within the 8% , 18% is oil contents. Out of the 18% oil contents, refine further and only 65% become rice bran oil.
Rice bran oil contains fully concentrated nutrients of brown rice so that very healthy.

●Precious domestic plant oil and fat sresource

Sesame or rapeseeds are scarcely cultivated in Japan, however, those vegetable oils made out of domestic plants are quite limited and are not so large as to be sold on the market.

In that sense, rice bran oil can be said as precious domestic vegetable oil and fat resource.